We are OEM health food manufactures mainly manufacturing aojiru.
We have our own factory at Izu peninsular of Shizuoka, and manufacturing safe health foods at a low price.

OEM manufactures products or components that are purchased by another company retailed under that purchasing company’s brand name.
Our experts will support you with new materials and knowledge about manufacturing methods. We’ll do our best to make you satisfied by fulfilling higher commercial value and make arrangements by taking your demands and giving information like the movements of the market.
To commercialize, technical knowledge like manufacturing packages and standard format of nutrition fact label are needed to sell various products safely. But, we’re professional of OEM!
We’ll give you precise advise about commercialization of these products.
Good news if you’re thinking something like these!
We’ll support you with our knowledge and technology to make your “only one”.
Business model, proposal of the concept and the recipe
We’ll give you the price quotation in proportion to number of lot ordered, ingredients, and packages. We’ll be able to correspond from small amount lot and able to manufacture with provided bulk and materials.
Powder, tablet, soft and hard capsule, beverages and jelly.
After making a contract about the due date, shape, and ordering lot, we’ll shift to full-scale manufacturing.
If you wish, we’ll design fancy box, too.

We’ll start manufacturing based on the contents of the contract.

Please see the details of each plan or ask the sales team about the lead-time till delivery.

I’m thinking of starting a business with health foods, but I don’t know what to start.
First, give us a call. We’ll help you by listening to your thoughts and manufacturing low cost products.
I want to renew the product that I’m selling now to a more functionally abundant product.
We’ll propose you the ingredient that goes along the target by comparing with the standard price.
Can you make a product that isn’t like others?
Yes, of course. We’ve done marketing research on customers and similar products so let us propose a product that can meet your request.
Can we go to your factory with our customers?
Yes, of course. Please ask the sales about the details.