We are OEM health food manufactures mainly manufacturing aojiru.
We have our own factory at Izu peninsular of Shizuoka, and manufacturing safe health foods at a low price.

MARGAJAPAN considers protecting customer’s privacy, personal information, and settings as an obligation.
Provided information that can determine an individual, regardless of applications and inquiry, will be handled in a following way.
When we gather personal information, we’ll make it clear the use of it and only gather information that we need.
We use reasonable efforts to make sure all personal information is managed appropriately and prevented from invasion, leak, and falsification. We will never share your personal information with any Third Party business organisation (excluding the cases written below).
1. When there were request for cooperation or inquiry by documents from legall
2. When there were agreement from our customers.
・ When our customer wants to refer or correct customer’s own information,
we’ll be able to correspond only when we can identify the customer
by the way we determined.
・ We’ll obey the law of Japan and other rules that apply to the personal
information that we possess, and make effort to reconsider and improve
the contents of this policy.

For more information about privacy, request, and inquary, please contact us from email address below.

Email address:info.m@margajapan.co.jp