We are OEM health food manufactures mainly manufacturing aojiru.
We have our own factory at Izu peninsular of Shizuoka, and manufacturing safe health foods at a low price.

Health foods are foods that can easily supply nutrition that we need to maintain our body; so many people use them now. Our diet now has changed from Japanese style diet to mainly meat and western style diet. Therefore, we’re taking too much nutrition that produces energy, like fat, animal protein, carbohydrate and lacking vitamins and minerals which are needed to metabolize them.
This is not only because of western style diet and high frequency of eating out but also decrease of nutritional value such as vitamins in vegetables, which are effects of agricultural chemical and greenhouse cultivation. Nutritional value has changed in the vegetables of past and present, so we have to eat more vegetables then they did in the past to get enough nutrition. So at such times, health foods can easily supply nutrition. There are a lot of health foods that contains condensed active ingredients that are included in vegetables so if you choose products that can be easily taken, it’ll be very useful to maintain your health.

It is expected that in 2011, the health food market scale will be 710.5billion yen, which is 102.1% from the previous year (investigation by Yano Research Institute).
The mail-order business has exceeded door-to-door sales in component ratio.

Compared to 2009, 2010’s component ratio has increased in the mail-order business from 35% to 37.8% and decreased in door-to-door sales from 38% to 36.8% and pharmacy and convenience store from 27% to 25.4%. The mail-order business, which has increased component ratio every year, has resulted to exceed door-to-door sales, which was the biggest marketing system till then.

Health food industry has various fields and items, broad range of commercialization in “delicious, safety, and health” and it is expected to grow from now on by targeting a consumer that demands “healthier foods”. Comparing each product, the sales of aojiru market in 2010 is 50.7billion yen, which is 115.1% increase compared to last year’s sales.
The characteristic of this market is that mail-order business and shops like pharmacy sells well. This is because aojiru is getting well known and the number of consumers, who are thinking of supplying nutrition through aojiru, which has became more tasty than before, are growing.
While the market is growing, regulation to Internet advertising is getting stricter. Especially beware of advertising that expresses efficacy. We’ll be able to help you with these advertising too, so feel free to ask us.

As written above, health food industry is a market that’s getting bigger every year. Now, it is called the “mammoth market (which means “very big market” in Japanese)” and there are big enterprises that doesn’t handle food, but starts joining this market. Health foods are that much easy to handle.
So leave that up to us! We welcome customers that are inexperienced in health food industry.
Of course we want to say “we’ll do everything!” but the product that we’re making is your product.
We’ll support you with the ingredients, related laws, and skills of manufacturing. We’ll do our best to express your thoughts to your product as much as possible.
Let’s make the world healthier together.
Give us a call. We’ll be waiting.